Wanderlust Necessities.

Free Spirit Babe // Wanderlust Necessities

Every dreamer gets wanderlust – the strong desire to travel with no destination in mind. Whether planning to stay near or go far, there are a few essentials that will make the experience perfect once you find your perfect place for the time being. Continue reading



Free Spirit Babe // Glitter Rave

Today I used my frustration and unhappiness to fuel my motivation, determination and excitement to keep moving forward with my goals toward happiness. I spent some time defining my next steps towards some of my goals to make sure I keep on track, and I began to remember different experiences and they reminded me why I’m working so hard towards my new lifestyle. So I thought I’d take the time to write this post as a little bit more personally and list out why I’m striving for happiness rather than a big number in my bank account, and in the meantime you get to see some pictures from the past few years that brought me happiness! Continue reading


What makes a person happy? Money? Maybe. But that’s only temporary, and it isn’t the money itself that makes the person happy. It’s not the physical coin, or piece of paper, but rather what it stands for. So really, no money doesn’t make a person happy.

What about popularity or fame? That reassurance that you have a significant number of fans and friends. But is it really the number that makes you happy? Or is it what those people stand for, whether that be success around your passion or a never ending supply of conversation around your interests and endless opportunities to learn. So popularity itself isn’t it either. Continue reading