Thoughts on Graduating.

Free Spirit Babe // Thoughts on Graduating

Graduation is one week from tomorrow. I will officially receive my BA in Business and I can definitely tell you that my graduating self is so much different from my freshman self. My understanding of myself is different, my understanding of my wants is different, my goals for the future make so much more sense, and even where I am now is so much different than what I’d ever imagined four years ago. Let me elaborate. Continue reading


Sunday Yoga Thoughts.

Free Spirit Babe // Sunday Yoga Thoughts

I’ve been incorporated yoga more and more into my days as I get further along with my pregnancy. Yoga along with my heat pad has done wonders in curing my back pains. Of course I can’t do the full extent of each pose as I normally am able – that just comes with having a growing belly! But today I really got to thinking, yoga has positively impacted so many different pieces of my life, so naturally I want to share those pieces with you! Continue reading

10 Reasons You Know You’re a Dreamer.

Free Spirit Babe // 10 Reasons You Know You're a Dreamer

Dreamers! Some might call us distracted, inattentive, or tell us our heads are in the clouds. That’s because we have a different mindset from non-dreamers which is perfectly okay! As long as we keep on doing what makes us happy, then why let someone else’s opinion bother us? Here’s 10 reasons you just know make you a dreamer: Continue reading

Needing a Boss vs. Being the Boss.

Free Spirit Babe // Needing vs. Being the Boss

We are all different. We all have different dreams, different values, different priorities. Everything we look at, we see differently from those around us. Psychologically speaking, everything we see and understand is partially objective raw data, but also partially formed through our brain’s interpretation based on our own biases that we can’t even control. Crazy isn’t it? Well – we all have different working styles as well.

I talk all the time about how I’m following my dreams to entrepreneurship in a creative and healthy manner, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurship is for everyone! Sure, there are a lot of people in the corporate world who really don’t fit there but don’t know how to get out, but otherwise there are many who do fit there because of their values on routines, following direction and low risk environments. Neither is wrong, but this post might help you decide which side you fall on (although it’s likely you already have a good idea of which position better suits you!). Continue reading

Weekend Reflections.

Free Spirit Babe // Weekend Reflection

Reflecting on this weekend, I wasn’t as productive as I had planned to be. But that’s okay. My body needed rest, so that’s what I gave it.  I still had an enjoyable weekend, though and I feel ready for a productive week.

Continue reading