Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea.

Free Spirit Babe // Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea

Spring is upon us and Summer is right around the corner! One of my absolute¬†favorite¬†parts of warm weather is sweet tea! I used to buy bottles and bottles of it, but the pre-made kind sold in stores is so full of unnecessary preservatives, extra flavors and colors and ridiculous amounts of sugar and corn syrup. So I started making my own using just FOUR ingredients (one being water)! So now I get my favorite drink and I can pronounce everything that’s in it! Here’s all you need to make it: Continue reading


Pinterest Finds: Food.

Free Spirit Babe // Pinterest Finds: Food

I will admit, I’m rather sleepy tonight. Pregnancy has made my anemia worse, so tonight I just didn’t have the energy to make something creative! So instead I thought I would put together some of my absolute FAVORITE recipes from Pinterest! Continue reading


This is just a quick post! I found a pin on Pinterest¬†(you’ll find it on my “Drink Up” board) for this delicious sounding warm weather refresher called Brazilian Lemonade. Unfortunately, Burnsville is apparently in high demand of limes because there were only two left at the store! So I decided to get a little creative and I modified it to get the most AMAZING lemonade! It seriously is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted and I love that I can control the amount of sugar that I add and I know it’s all fresh, organic fruit without added preservatives! Continue reading

Late Night Snacks.

Free Spirit Babe // Greek Yogurt Snacks

So a lot of people don’t eat late or right before bed, that’s totally okay! You can have these whenever, but lately I ALWAYS get pregnancy hunger attacks right before bed. I’ve been trying to move into healthier snacks since all my pregnancy I’ve been craving sweets and other than newer health developments, I’m also at the point where I need to start coming up with my baby weight loss plan! Well that and my how-to-keep-energy-with-a-newborn plan!

So anyways, here’s my snacks from last night that fulfilled my sweet cravings but are actually much lower in sugar and higher in other health benefits than reaching for a piece of chocolate or (for this time of year) a handful of jelly beans! Continue reading