Five Easy Relaxation Ideas.

Free Spirit Babe // 5 Easy Relaxation Ideas

Lately I’ve been starting to feel a little overwhelmed from everything going on for me. Within a four week period I have finals, college graduation, training my replacement at work and will be having my baby girl. That’s a lot of really big events, especially considering my pregnancy is making me just want to lay on my heating pad, do yoga and organize my house like a crazy woman! (I also want to work out so bad I can taste it, but of course that’s not allowed for me right now!) Even though I still do yoga every night before bed, I’ve realized that with all of the other things running through my mind, I’m not spending enough time on me! If you’re ever feeling stressed and low on time, here’s a few relaxation ideas that will help you bring yourself back to a peaceful inner balance. Continue reading


Yoga Thoughts: On Human Rights.

Free Spirit Babe // Yoga Thoughts: On Human Rights.

So far this weekend I’ve been laboring away at my designs for Peace Apparel Company which I plan on re-launching in the next couple of weeks. I was so excited to post about it tonight, because it’s such an accomplishment to me that I’m breaking past what I used to consider reasons I couldn’t accomplish this particular dream. But after finishing watching the documentary Half the Sky, I was bothered. And in my meditation tonight, I realized I have a bigger purpose and a bigger mission – we all do. So Peace Apparel Company is now also going to focus even more strongly on giving back than I’d originally planned. ¬† Continue reading

Sunday Yoga Thoughts.

Free Spirit Babe // Sunday Yoga Thoughts

I’ve been incorporated yoga more and more into my days as I get further along with my pregnancy. Yoga along with my heat pad has done wonders in curing my back pains. Of course I can’t do the full extent of each pose as I normally am able – that just comes with having a growing belly! But today I really got to thinking, yoga has positively impacted so many different pieces of my life, so naturally I want to share those pieces with you! Continue reading

Weekend Relaxation Plans.

Free Spirit Babe // Weekend Relaxation Plans

This weekend I’m planning to take it a little bit easier than I have been lately. This absolutely does not mean I won’t be productive! I’ve just been doing more than I probably should be being that I’m 8 months pregnant! Luckily, I’ve got some good things in store that might give you some ideas if you’re trying to find some low key¬†activities for yourself! Continue reading

Drink More Tea.

Free Spirit Babe // Drink More Tea

Tea is a wonderful thing. Even if you didn’t care about the scientific benefits, it’s so calming. Something about hot tea in the morning when the sun is coming up, or peppermint tea to help you wind down before bed when you’re curled up with a book. Tea is one of those drinks that can just bring balance to our lives. What’s even better than the peace it brings, is that it’s actually so good for you! I’m going to give you just a short look into the most popular types of teas for beginners! Continue reading