Why Bad is Good.

Free Spirit Babe // Why Bad is Good

Sometimes bad things happen, heartbreaking even. But you know what? Those things can be turned into opportunities. We recently were told that if we choose to stay in our home, that we would have to give up our dogs. Our association has received a number of complaints about them, mostly based off of stereotypes around huskies. Our dogs are well trained, so it’s unfortunate that we have to choose between our first home (which I still am in love with) and our dogs. However, our dogs are family and no matter how much I love our house, what fun is it to live next to neighbors who can’t accept our family? So now we’ve got new goals for the short term future that I’m beyond excited about. Continue reading


Thoughts on Graduating.

Free Spirit Babe // Thoughts on Graduating

Graduation is one week from tomorrow. I will officially receive my BA in Business and I can definitely tell you that my graduating self is so much different from my freshman self. My understanding of myself is different, my understanding of my wants is different, my goals for the future make so much more sense, and even where I am now is so much different than what I’d ever imagined four years ago. Let me elaborate. Continue reading


Free Spirit Babe // Glitter Rave

Today I used my frustration and unhappiness to fuel my motivation, determination and excitement to keep moving forward with my goals toward happiness. I spent some time defining my next steps towards some of my goals to make sure I keep on track, and I began to remember different experiences and they reminded me why I’m working so hard towards my new lifestyle. So I thought I’d take the time to write this post as a little bit more personally and list out why I’m striving for happiness rather than a big number in my bank account, and in the meantime you get to see some pictures from the past few years that brought me happiness! Continue reading

10 Seconds of Happiness.

Today I felt discouraged. I wasn’t feeling well. I have a meeting tomorrow at work that isn’t going to turn out in my favor. I haven’t been able to commit to my crafting to the extent that I wish I could. These are all very minor things, but any source of unhappiness should be addressed if you become conscious of it to avoid overwhelming your mind. Stress builds very quickly, feeds off of itself, and can have harmful effects on both the mental and physical well being. Continue reading