Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea.

Free Spirit Babe // Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea

Spring is upon us and Summer is right around the corner! One of my absolute favorite parts of warm weather is sweet tea! I used to buy bottles and bottles of it, but the pre-made kind sold in stores is so full of unnecessary preservatives, extra flavors and colors and ridiculous amounts of sugar and corn syrup. So I started making my own using just FOUR ingredients (one being water)! So now I get my favorite drink and I can pronounce everything that’s in it! Here’s all you need to make it: Continue reading


Wanderlust Necessities.

Free Spirit Babe // Wanderlust Necessities

Every dreamer gets wanderlust – the strong desire to travel with no destination in mind. Whether planning to stay near or go far, there are a few essentials that will make the experience perfect once you find your perfect place for the time being. Continue reading

10 Reasons You Know You’re a Dreamer.

Free Spirit Babe // 10 Reasons You Know You're a Dreamer

Dreamers! Some might call us distracted, inattentive, or tell us our heads are in the clouds. That’s because we have a different mindset from non-dreamers which is perfectly okay! As long as we keep on doing what makes us happy, then why let someone else’s opinion bother us? Here’s 10 reasons you just know make you a dreamer: Continue reading

Free People Picks.

Free Spirit Babe // Free People Picks

I am honestly crazy about Free People. I love image that their designs portray, I love the quality, I love the variety and I love everything that they stand for. If I could buy one of everything, I absolutely would! But in the meantime, here’s a few of my favorite pieces from their current collection. Continue reading

Shoes and Jewels.

Free Spirit Babe // Shoes and Jewels

It’s snowing today. Not that that’s entirely relevant, but it’s interesting because two days ago it was 70 degrees and sunny. Mother Nature is interesting, isn’t she? Anyways, I’m really excited about the boho finds I have for you today! With being pregnant, it’s so much easier for me to review and recommend accessories since (thank God) unlike clothes, my shoes and jewelry all still fit throughout my nine month journey. I’m also really excited to feature one of my favorite small, handmade shops that I think you will absolutely adore! Are you excited yet? I am! Continue reading