An Update on My Busy Life.

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Everyday I’ve been meaning to write. Yet everyday, my baby falls asleep and then I collapse into bed and let my blankets consume me and push it off one more day. Not today! I’ve got a few short but sweet updates for you. Life has been so good to me lately and I’m working hard to keep it that way! Continue reading


Infused Water.

I’ve seen so much hype over infused water, and I’ve tried a few delicious varieties made by others. So finally, I bought a pack of mason jars and mixed up four jars that are now sitting in the fridge overnight. In the meantime, I decided to lookup some benefits of infused water! Continue reading

Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea.

Free Spirit Babe // Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea

Spring is upon us and Summer is right around the corner! One of my absolute favorite parts of warm weather is sweet tea! I used to buy bottles and bottles of it, but the pre-made kind sold in stores is so full of unnecessary preservatives, extra flavors and colors and ridiculous amounts of sugar and corn syrup. So I started making my own using just FOUR ingredients (one being water)! So now I get my favorite drink and I can pronounce everything that’s in it! Here’s all you need to make it: Continue reading

Drink More Tea.

Free Spirit Babe // Drink More Tea

Tea is a wonderful thing. Even if you didn’t care about the scientific benefits, it’s so calming. Something about hot tea in the morning when the sun is coming up, or peppermint tea to help you wind down before bed when you’re curled up with a book. Tea is one of those drinks that can just bring balance to our lives. What’s even better than the peace it brings, is that it’s actually so good for you! I’m going to give you just a short look into the most popular types of teas for beginners! Continue reading

Pinterest Finds: Food.

Free Spirit Babe // Pinterest Finds: Food

I will admit, I’m rather sleepy tonight. Pregnancy has made my anemia worse, so tonight I just didn’t have the energy to make something creative! So instead I thought I would put together some of my absolute FAVORITE recipes from Pinterest! Continue reading