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My baby is one month old today. Already! I can’t even believe it. She was wide awake all day with me, so naturally we cuddled all day. Anyways. Last night after I put her to bed, I spent a lot of time meditating and gathering my thoughts. I’m about to take another huge leap in my life, and even though I’m excited beyond what words can describe, I’m also afraid. It’s not even that I’m afraid of new things, or of change. I’ve always lived in a life of constant change. This is somehow different. I’m afraid of going after what I’ve wanted for eight years because it’s the first thing that I’ve ever done just for me. Continue reading


Why Bad is Good.

Free Spirit Babe // Why Bad is Good

Sometimes bad things happen, heartbreaking even. But you know what? Those things can be turned into opportunities. We recently were told that if we choose to stay in our home, that we would have to give up our dogs. Our association has received a number of complaints about them, mostly based off of stereotypes around huskies. Our dogs are well trained, so it’s unfortunate that we have to choose between our first home (which I still am in love with) and our dogs. However, our dogs are family and no matter how much I love our house, what fun is it to live next to neighbors who can’t accept our family? So now we’ve got new goals for the short term future that I’m beyond excited about. Continue reading

Thoughts on Graduating.

Free Spirit Babe // Thoughts on Graduating

Graduation is one week from tomorrow. I will officially receive my BA in Business and I can definitely tell you that my graduating self is so much different from my freshman self. My understanding of myself is different, my understanding of my wants is different, my goals for the future make so much more sense, and even where I am now is so much different than what I’d ever imagined four years ago. Let me elaborate. Continue reading

Sunshine Award.

Free Spirit Babe // Sunshine Award

I am beyond excited that I was nominated for the Sunshine Award!! I was nominated by Living With Benji – if you haven’t seen his blog you really need to check it out. He has all sorts of awesome posts but my favorites are all of his photos! They are amazing! So after you’ve checked that out let’s go onto the award.. Continue reading

Weekend Relaxation Plans.

Free Spirit Babe // Weekend Relaxation Plans

This weekend I’m planning to take it a little bit easier than I have been lately. This absolutely does not mean I won’t be productive! I’ve just been doing more than I probably should be being that I’m 8 months pregnant! Luckily, I’ve got some good things in store that might give you some ideas if you’re trying to find some low key activities for yourself! Continue reading