Peace Apparel Co.

Peace Apparel Co.

Peace Apparel Company is currently undergoing a major re-vamp and will be opening in June. It’s definitely going to be something to look forward to for boho babes, mommas, free spirits, babies and fur babies. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@peaceapparelco) for updates. Here’s a little bit of info on what the brand is all about:

  • What does Peace Apparel sell? We sell clothing (men’s, women’s, kids/baby and dogs), accessories and small home decor items. Clothing designs are created by Kia (author of Free Spirit Babe) and printed on American Apparel items to support US made product.
  • What does Peace Apparel stand for? Overall, peace and happiness. Peace Apparel wants it to be easy to express the individualism of every dreamer and yogi while also supporting change for the rest of the world. That’s why we choose to print on American Apparel to support US made product and a portion of every purchase is donated at the end of each month to crucial causes both nationally and internationally. This way, the world can be just a little bit happier.
  • Where will Peace Apparel ship to? To start off, Peace Apparel will ship to the US and Canada. Once the brand continues to grow, additional countries will be added.

I hope that you’ll follow us on our social media sites for more specific updates! Remember, change starts with you!


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