An Update on My Busy Life.

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Everyday I’ve been meaning to write. Yet everyday, my baby falls asleep and then I collapse into bed and let my blankets consume me and push it off one more day. Not today! I’ve got a few short but sweet updates for you. Life has been so good to me lately and I’m working hard to keep it that way! Continue reading


Starting Again.

Free Spirit Babe // Starting Again

My baby is here, and she’s almost three weeks old! I really can’t believe it. I’ve been so busy and exhausted but I’m so in love with her. As my recovery from labor moves forward, I’m nearing the time where I can start back up with my fitness again (besides just walking)! I’m really excited but I know I’m going to have to start slow and move my way back up, even though I want to jump right back in where I left off. I’ve started putting together my plan to start again and get my pre-baby body back (and maybe even make it better!). Continue reading

Sunday Yoga Thoughts.

Free Spirit Babe // Sunday Yoga Thoughts

I’ve been incorporated yoga more and more into my days as I get further along with my pregnancy. Yoga along with my heat pad has done wonders in curing my back pains. Of course I can’t do the full extent of each pose as I normally am able – that just comes with having a growing belly! But today I really got to thinking, yoga has positively impacted so many different pieces of my life, so naturally I want to share those pieces with you! Continue reading

Fitness Re-Motivation.

Free Spirit Babe // Fitness Re-Motivation

We all have our reasons why we live a fit and healthy lifestyle (or if you don’t – then why you should!). We have a driver that pushes us to return to our practice of yoga, lifting, running, or whatever your preferred workout may be, but that really isn’t the difficult part. The difficult part is when you start to reach the “line”. You know what I’m talking about – when you cross the line of comfort and you start burning, breathing heavy and break into an uncomfortable sweat; AKA the part where you want to stop.

That’s the part where we need more than the overall goal – whether it be weight loss, toning up, or bulking up. That goal slowly drops in value and we need to remember the smaller, more specific benefits that can help give us some short-term, instant gratification drive: we need re-motivation. Continue reading


In the last couple of days, I’ve made a couple discoveries that I am just too excited not to share. One of them relates to fashion, and one of them relates to fitness and spirituality. Trust me when I say this is gold to a modern gypsy. Continue reading