Peace Apparel Co.

Free Spirit Babe // Peace Apparel Co.

I am so excited. As I sit here bouncing my beautiful baby, I finally have opened Peace Apparel Co.. Although I spent a lot of time making designs and choosing only the ones that I felt reflected my vision of inner-peace, it’s about so much more than putting those designs on clothing. It’s about supporting environmental sustainability, and it’s about supporting small business, and it’s about supporting American jobs. That’s what excites me the most – it’s so much bigger than just a clothing line. Continue reading


Free People Picks.

Free Spirit Babe // Free People Picks

I am honestly crazy about Free People. I love image that their designs portray, I love the quality, I love the variety and I love everything that they stand for. If I could buy one of everything, I absolutely would! But in the meantime, here’s a few of my favorite pieces from their current collection. Continue reading

Shoes and Jewels.

Free Spirit Babe // Shoes and Jewels

It’s snowing today. Not that that’s entirely relevant, but it’s interesting because two days ago it was 70 degrees and sunny. Mother Nature is interesting, isn’t she? Anyways, I’m really excited about the boho finds I have for you today! With being pregnant, it’s so much easier for me to review and recommend accessories since (thank God) unlike clothes, my shoes and jewelry all still fit throughout my nine month journey. I’m also really excited to feature one of my favorite small, handmade shops that I think you will absolutely adore! Are you excited yet? I am! Continue reading

Flower Crown Creations.

Peace Apparel Co // Flower Crowns

This is just a short post- I wanted to share my excitement that I made a few flower crowns and posted them in my Etsy shop, Peace Apparel Company! I decided this will be the start of better tending to the shop! I love crafting and want to share that- any support will be appreciated! Continue reading

April Showers.

The saying goes “April showers bring May flowers”. Seemed rather suitable tonight as we got our first major thunderstorm of the season. There’s something about thunderstorms that intrigues me. They scare me a bit, because they have so much power- we should never forget that the power of destruction held by humankind, no matter how devastating, is nothing compared to the power that Mother Nature has the ability to unleash upon us. The thing about the universe’s power is that there is no one we can try to negotiate with, nothing we can do to stop it once it decides to start. Continue reading