An Update on My Busy Life.

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Everyday I’ve been meaning to write. Yet everyday, my baby falls asleep and then I collapse into bed and let my blankets consume me and push it off one more day. Not today! I’ve got a few short but sweet updates for you. Life has been so good to me lately and I’m working hard to keep it that way!

My First Round of It Works! Products

I received my first shipment of products from It Works! (recall from a previous post that I was very excited to give these a try as I regain my pre-pregnancy health). In this round, I ordered the Greens drink mix in the orange flavor along with some wraps and defining gel (all of this can be found here). I have to say, I’m actually really impressed!

The Greens is what I was most excited about. It is a drink mix that counts towards your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Because of the crazy number of vegetables listed in the ingredients, I didn’t have high expectations for taste. I was in for a surprise – it tasted just like orange flavored water. No sweetness really, and it didn’t taste like the fake orange that you get when you eat an orange Starburst. It really just tasted like a real orange. But not sweet. If that makes sense? I’ve never been the best at describing tastes. What I’m getting to is that you couldn’t taste anything besides orange but it was subtle enough that it was as refreshing as drinking a glass of water. But that tastes better. I give up on trying to explain this – it just is delicious and it gave me a crazy boost of energy that I didn’t crash from. I walked around the outdoor mall for three hours and normally where I get home and don’t even want to make dinner, I came home and even cleaned! So this one is highly recommended.

The wraps and defining gel also proved to be really effective. One wrap took care of most of my momma pouch, leaving me with a flat, but muscle-less tummy. I’m still looking to use the defining gel in my more problematic areas, like my upper thighs, so I can’t speak as much to it’s effectiveness just yet. I definitely would recommend the wraps if you are looking to pair it with exercise – I think a lot of people forget that there’s no product in the world that can magically help them lose weight and also create muscle. Only working your muscles can create better muscles. 🙂 It definitely is a good kick start though, and I’m allowed to start targeting my abs on Monday. So close!

The Most Delicious Iced Coffee

I got this idea from another blogger that I follow (you can find her here, if you’re interested in eating healthier, I definitely recommend giving her a follow!) but protein powder and iced coffee is basically the most genius thing I’ve ever heard of. So this morning I tossed together a vanilla Dunkin Donuts K-Cup (it’s the closest I can get to Dunkin since we don’t have many in Minnesota, and of course of the few that there are, none of them are anywhere near me), organic vanilla creamer and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. I just shook it all with ice in my blender bottle and holy. cow. Best iced coffee I’ve had in a LONG time. Plus no added sugar!? That’s definitely something I need to work on. I made one for Curan when he got home from work, too and he guzzled it down and could hardly believe I didn’t add any sugar to it.

Seriously. Try this. You won’t be disappointed. (Unless you don’t like coffee or vanilla.. Then I retract that statement.)

Yoga and Working Out – Getting Started Again

So I got clearance to start working on basically everything EXCEPT for my abs. Which after you have a baby, that’s of course the first thing I wanted to work on, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m working dreadfully hard on my back strength and flexibility. I had scoliosis to begin with, but since I’ve had my daughter my back has been more problematic than ever. I don’t have a backbend at all, and I haven’t made it through a single day yet without at least once dose of ibuprofen.. It’s slowly improving as I stretch but now that I can work those supporting muscles back up I know it’ll get better. In the meantime though, working them is painful, walking makes me sore, and certain poses in yoga are extremely difficult (sometimes I can’t even get up from corpse unless I roll over…). You could say that knowing building these muscles back up will relieve so much of that thrills me – and that’s an understatement.

My legs didn’t fall too far behind, Monday I managed two sets of 15 for hip abductors (both pushing in and pushing out) lifting 100 pounds and two sets of 20 on the leg press  lifting 110 pounds. That hit me hard on the insides of my thighs, but nonetheless I still went back today. Today I did the same weight for my hip abductors but did two sets of 20, added arm curls (which I embarrassingly could only do 20 reps at 10 pounds before I thought they were going to start on fire they burned so badly) and did two sets of 10 leg extensions lifting 100 pounds. Overall, I’m feeling good about where I’m at for lifting considering I haven’t been able to for months.

Finally, I’m doing the July Yoga Challenge on Instagram sponsored by Alo Yoga. This is being done on my personal account (@kiarabou), but I will likely repost it onto my blog account. Let me know if you’re also following the challenge, I’ll follow you on IG. 🙂

Other than that, I’m just enjoying the cuddles that come along with being a mommy! Looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs, reading them at night when I’m waiting for Maci to fall asleep is one of my favorite things!


Free Spirit Babe


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