Weekend Accomplishments.

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I honestly am looking forward to tomorrow even though it’ll be Monday. I had a packed weekend and got so much accomplished I think I deserve a little bit of a break! Really though, I feel so good about everything I got done this weekend and I think life is only going to get more exciting from here.

International Yoga Day

First of all, I seriously am so excited that today was International Yoga Day. Even though it was the busiest day of my weekend, I still fit in a short sequence tonight. My hamstrings needed a good stretch anyways, and I needed some time to get my thoughts in order after a busy day! Yoga is so amazing for helping to get your mind in order and also to get your body stretched out and feeling loose and free. This is why I’m excited for my first accomplishment of the weekend – I’m officially beginning my yoga teacher training at the end of August. I know I touched on this briefly in my last post, but I got everything submitted to the school I’m taking it at and everything requested and completed from my school that I recently graduated from. To add to that – I finally submitted all of my paperwork for my final undergrad loan for my bachelor’s, meaning they should be mailing me my actual diploma very soon!

Country Girl, Shake it for Me

You can say whatever you want, but I absolutely love country music. This is why I was beyond stoked when Saturday finally came and my long awaited Luke Bryan was in town! The show was absolutely amazing and it was my first time out since having my daughter. It was sold out the same day tickets went on sale and for good reason – the show consisted of Dustin Lynch, Randy Houser, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. Any country fan knows these are all AMAZING artists, and I was shaking my stretch marks like there was no tomorrow!

Father’s Day

Holy. Cow. This year was definitely my busiest Father’s Day ever. It’s always been busy for me, because I always make it a point to see both my dad and my stepdad. This year was different – since my daughter is now a crucial piece, we made sure to spend time with her daddy (meaning one on one time, he was with us to visit everyone else too!), my dad, my stepdad, my boyfriend’s dad, and both of our grandpas. I still am trying to not think too hard about how we fit it all in, but I’m so glad that we did. Family is really important to me and I love that I got to spend time with so many people today.

It Works!

Finally, my last accomplishment of the weekend was signing up as a distributor for It Works!. I did bring up in a previous post that I was going to try their products in my journey to getting back my pre-pregnancy body. Well, I was talking to a few friends and family members about the products I am going to try and to my surprise, a lot of them want to try them too! So I decided rather than signing up as a customer, I got more information from my amazing sponsor (I wanted to confirm that this was a smart decision for me) and decided to just go for it and sign up as a distributor. I should be receiving my wraps, defining gel and greens this week, which I still plan to review in complete honesty. Health is really important to me, so I’m neither going to continue using or promotion the products if I don’t believe they are making a change that’s worthwhile. I really am hoping that they do help, though! Based on the reviews, as I mentioned before, it did seem like there was a good rate of success when paired with regular exercise which I’m still doing! Only two more weeks of being confined to light yoga and walking before I can get back into resistance and some more serious cardio! You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to that! If you want to join me in meeting your own health goals, just message me on either Twitter or IG (@_freespiritbabe) and we can just have a straight forward chat! I promise I’m not going to push you, I only do that when I’m helping people with fitness goals! 😉

I hope you were also able to either get a lot done or get some serious relaxing in this weekend! 🙂


Free Spirit Babe


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