Why Bad is Good.

Free Spirit Babe // Why Bad is Good

Sometimes bad things happen, heartbreaking even. But you know what? Those things can be turned into opportunities. We recently were told that if we choose to stay in our home, that we would have to give up our dogs. Our association has received a number of complaints about them, mostly based off of stereotypes around huskies. Our dogs are well trained, so it’s unfortunate that we have to choose between our first home (which I still am in love with) and our dogs. However, our dogs are family and no matter how much I love our house, what fun is it to live next to neighbors who can’t accept our family? So now we’ve got new goals for the short term future that I’m beyond excited about.

First thing’s first, I need to get my credit back in order before I can apply for a new mortgage. It’s not terribly low, but I did get a little bit loose around deadlines since I didn’t re-add a few bills to auto-pay once my debit card expired. I have a few credit cards I need to pay off this summer and our goal is that when we apply for our new mortgage, my only debt will be on the house, my student loans and my car. I feel that this is definitely achievable with good budgeting and high payment amounts on my credit cards.

Second, I’m definitely going back to school in the fall. I completed my FAFSA and now just have to choose between yoga teacher training and holistic health. I think I will be choosing yoga teacher training first, but I definitely want to get my certification in both. I figure if we are starting fresh, I might as well start chasing my dream jobs! New job, new baby and a new house. It’s crazy but it’s amazing. I just want to be able to give my daughter a good life and also give her an example that it’s important to strive for what SHE wants, not what society says she SHOULD want.

Lastly, I am excited to look at houses again. I do love our house, and I’m going to be sad when we have to leave. It’s our first house! We have a lot of amazing memories here. But like I mentioned, I don’t want to live under an association who can’t accept our dogs just because of their breed. Rufus and Zephyr are anything but aggressive, and by the end of the summer our house should go up a good amount in value (the association is re-siding and re-roofing for us beginning next month). We are planning to go into a single family home rather than a townhouse so we can also have a fenced yard for our dogs to run freely, to create a nice patio space for ourselves, and to create a fun outdoor play space for our daughter.

So while I admit I did cry when faced with the decision, I am really excited for what the future is bringing us after better analyzing the situation. Sometimes it’s hard to remember not to hold onto the things that cannot be changed, but in the end it’s so important to use every situation to it’s full potential which is what we are doing! I’m finally going to be a yoga instructor and teacher! It just feels like the right path to take, which feels amazing.

Just remember, don’t let the bad define you!


Free Spirit Babe


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