Starting Again.

Free Spirit Babe // Starting Again

My baby is here, and she’s almost three weeks old! I really can’t believe it. I’ve been so busy and exhausted but I’m so in love with her. As my recovery from labor moves forward, I’m nearing the time where I can start back up with my fitness again (besides just walking)! I’m really excited but I know I’m going to have to start slow and move my way back up, even though I want to jump right back in where I left off. I’ve started putting together my plan to start again and get my pre-baby body back (and maybe even make it better!).

Water, water, and more water

I definitely need to get back into drinking more water. Once my baby was born, I took no time in reverting back to my coffee addiction. Of course I’ll still drink my coffee, but I’m going to dehydrate myself and run myself down even more if I don’t up my water intake, especially with increasing my activity levels for the first time in a few months.

Yoga – not modified

Since I no longer have a basketball in my belly or an additional 50 pounds holding me back, I can ease back into my full yoga practice rather than modified poses (and other poses avoided entirely). Although for the next few weeks I still need to be careful with anything that pulls at my abs, I’m excited to work my back better and re-experience my breathing with a full lung capacity.

(Side note for those who have not been pregnant – your stomach muscles separate during pregnancy, which is why it is recommended to wait six weeks before doing any vigorous activity so that they can re-attach and you can avoid any damage. In addition, as the baby grows, your lung capacity becomes limited as they become more crowded in the last months.)


Although this one won’t come into play still for a couple of weeks yet, I’m excited to get back into some leg and glute work. My thighs and butt definitely got bigger and I’m ready to tone them up! I’m definitely not minding not being the shape of a 2-by-4 anymore, but I don’t want to get lazy with my newly gained curves and start sagging!


As you might have read a month or two ago, I’m already drinking daily protein shakes per doctor’s orders. I plan to continue doing so. I also will be trying some new products beginning this weekend which I will review – all by a company called “It Works!”. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the company and they have excellent reviews on a lot of their products (reviews written by people who AREN’T distributors as well which is nice, I think sometimes with these kinds of companies you find distributors who don’t even use the products trying to tell you they’re great just to make an extra dollar). I will be trying the wraps first, followed by the “Greens” and an exfoliating peel. Again, I don’t expect a lot to come from these products by themselves, rather as an optimizing addition to my normal workouts and healthy diet.

I’ll post my starting stats the next time I get to the gym, I actually have no idea how much I weigh since my daughter was born! My pre-pregnancy weight was 102 and my final weight before I had her was 154, so I’m curious to see where I ended up. 🙂


Free Spirit Babe


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