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Free Spirit Babe // Peace Apparel Co.

I am so excited. As I sit here bouncing my beautiful baby, I finally have opened Peace Apparel Co.. Although I spent a lot of time making designs and choosing only the ones that I felt reflected my vision of inner-peace, it’s about so much more than putting those designs on clothing. It’s about supporting environmental sustainability, and it’s about supporting small business, and it’s about supporting American jobs. That’s what excites me the most – it’s so much bigger than just a clothing line.

How am I supporting these additional causes?

For every item sold, $1 is donated to an environmental charity. Additionally, all designs are printed on items that are made in the US (primarily American Apparel) to support American jobs and the US economy. Finally, we use another small business to support our printing needs. Small businesses stimulate the economy so much more than big businesses, and they also support people’s dreams more directly and allow people to live out their passions.

What additional products can you expect from Peace Apparel Co.?

You will likely see another design or two for apparel, first. I am also working on designs for throw pillows, mugs and iPhone cases as well. I have categories setup for jewelry and hair accessories, but those will probably come later. Currently I can’t seem to keep my baby out of my arms or off of my belly long enough to effectively craft hands on. 🙂

What is my goal with Peace Apparel Co.?

It depends how you look at the question. I want Peace Apparel Co. to grow because I want to be able to solidly support different environmental efforts. That is my goal for the business; I don’t have an end goal because I just want to focus on continuous improvement and continuous support for these different charities. In terms of the goal for myself, I want to learn. I want to become more entrepreneurial so that I can eventually offer my own services as both a yoga instructor and a health and wellness coach. I think this shop will help me with that while also fulfilling my passion towards supporting greater causes.

Is there anything you’d like to see specifically in the shop? Let me know.


Free Spirit Babe


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