Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea.

Free Spirit Babe // Super Simple Lemon Sweet Tea

Spring is upon us and Summer is right around the corner! One of my absolute favorite parts of warm weather is sweet tea! I used to buy bottles and bottles of it, but the pre-made kind sold in stores is so full of unnecessary preservatives, extra flavors and colors and ridiculous amounts of sugar and corn syrup. So I started making my own using just FOUR ingredients (one being water)! So now I get my favorite drink and I can pronounce everything that’s in it! Here’s all you need to make it: Continue reading


Sunday Yoga Thoughts.

Free Spirit Babe // Sunday Yoga Thoughts

I’ve been incorporated yoga more and more into my days as I get further along with my pregnancy. Yoga along with my heat pad has done wonders in curing my back pains. Of course I can’t do the full extent of each pose as I normally am able – that just comes with having a growing belly! But today I really got to thinking, yoga has positively impacted so many different pieces of my life, so naturally I want to share those pieces with you! Continue reading

Weekend Relaxation Plans.

Free Spirit Babe // Weekend Relaxation Plans

This weekend I’m planning to take it a little bit easier than I have been lately. This absolutely does not mean I won’t be productive! I’ve just been doing more than I probably should be being that I’m 8 months pregnant! Luckily, I’ve got some good things in store that might give you some ideas if you’re trying to find some low key activities for yourself! Continue reading