Fitness Re-Motivation.

Free Spirit Babe // Fitness Re-Motivation

We all have our reasons why we live a fit and healthy lifestyle (or if you don’t – then why you should!). We have a driver that pushes us to return to our practice of yoga, lifting, running, or whatever your preferred workout may be, but that really isn’t the difficult part. The difficult part is when you start to reach the “line”. You know what I’m talking about – when you cross the line of comfort and you start burning, breathing heavy and break into an uncomfortable sweat; AKA the part where you want to stop.

That’s the part where we need more than the overall goal – whether it be weight loss, toning up, or bulking up. That goal slowly drops in value and we need to remember the smaller, more specific benefits that can help give us some short-term, instant gratification drive: we need re-motivation.

If you aren’t sure what I mean, here’s a few of my favorites:

  • You’re going to look so much better naked.
  • The harder you push now, the easier it will be tomorrow.
  • Keep going; this is the only way you can give back to your body.
  • You’re going to have so much more energy for the rest of today.
  • And you’re going to sleep amazing tomorrow.
  • The results last longer than the burn.
  • You’re already doing better than yesterday and pushing yourself further for tomorrow.
  • You’re doing this for you – and you’re so much more than a quitter.

I can’t wait to get back into my practice after my pregnancy. Of course I’m still doing the minimal activities that I’m allowed, but I didn’t realize how much I loved the burn and the challenge until I was told I wasn’t allowed to continue until after my daughter is born.

What is your favorite re-motivation?


Free Spirit Babe


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