Wanderlust Necessities.

Free Spirit Babe // Wanderlust Necessities

Every dreamer gets wanderlust – the strong desire to travel with no destination in mind. Whether planning to stay near or go far, there are a few essentials that will make the experience perfect once you find your perfect place for the time being.

  1. Tent. There are literally thousands of options for tents, ranging from inexpensive basics to more luxurious tents that now include features such as separate rooms and solar power supplies. I personally like a more basic option that has a “window” to star gaze and is big enough to fit my sleeping gear, a cooler and my huskies. The type for you is entirely up to your own preference and climate, though!
  2. Sleeping Gear. Again, there are a ton of different options for sleeping gear and setups. Some may like to completely rough it with nothing more than blankets and pillows, some may add a sleeping bag to the mix, and others may opt for something as elaborate as a queen or king sized blow up mattress.Again, I tend to find myself preferring something a bit more basic. As much as I would love a blow up mattress, I’m not a fan of spending a bunch of time blowing them up – nor do they stand up well to rowdy huskies. I prefer a light mattress topper (easy to roll up and transport) with sleeping bags. Sleeping bags can be used separate or with one on top and one on bottom if you want to cuddle with your special someone!
  3. Cooler. The cooler is probably the most versatile item you need to bring with you. Even if it isn’t necessarily used for cooling purposes, it can be used for food and water storage as well as a table for your light source.Choose one with a flat top, then fill it with practical food and water that will give you energy and won’t spoil. I like fruit infused water, sweet tea, granola bars, apples, trail mix, dried fruits and veggies, pretzels, and energy bites. (And milk bones of course for the furries!).
  4. Light Source. When it gets dark you’re going to need some form of light. Flashlights are practical, if your iPhone is juiced up that also works well (consider a portable charging pack or Mophie case if you want to go with this option!). There is also candle light, in which case you may want to bring a lighter or some matches.I like candles as an option, they only give off a soft light which doesn’t attract too much attention at night. I also will always opt for something to encase it to prevent anything from catching fire. Mason jars are a cheap and practical encasement, otherwise there are these adorable lanterns that they sell at Ikea that I cannot get enough of! (I have two in my house, find them here).
  5. Peace. I know, I know. What the heck does that mean?! It can mean a lot of things! This is really where wanderlust gives back to you – it helps you find your inner peace! Bring a yoga mat so you can meditate under a tree or on the beach with absolutely no distraction but the sound of the breeze and the waves. Bring the book that you always pick up but always get pulled away from, no one will take you away from it here. Bring your journal and allow the sounds of only the natural world to inspire the words that you write. Really – this is your chance to find your center.

Is there anything else that you absolutely have to have when you decide to go on an adventure?

(All photos other than title photo are from www.pinterest.com and are linked to the pin which they were found. Free Spirit Babe does not claim ownership or rights over any of these photos.)


Free Spirit Babe


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