10 Reasons You Know You’re a Dreamer.

Free Spirit Babe // 10 Reasons You Know You're a Dreamer

Dreamers! Some might call us distracted, inattentive, or tell us our heads are in the clouds. That’s because we have a different mindset from non-dreamers which is perfectly okay! As long as we keep on doing what makes us happy, then why let someone else’s opinion bother us? Here’s 10 reasons you just know make you a dreamer:

  1. If you don’t understand or agree with the importance of something (think about your least favorite subjects in high school or college), you’re mind will take you someplace that is important to you.
  2. Even if you do see something’s importance and just don’t find it interesting, your mind will still take you somewhere else anyway.
  3. When you read the title of this post, you immediately imagined your favorite mental image, even if it only flashed through for a second.
  4. When someone else sees a leaf or a wave, you see an absolutely stunning display of natural art.
  5. It doesn’t make sense to you why someone would work for a lot of money if the time spent making that money isn’t making them happy.
  6. You see inspiration in anything and everything. That outfit combination? You could pair something like that. That sunset? You could paint that. That beach? What a perfect place to finish your favorite book.
  7. Nothing is ever complete. There’s always an aspect of it that can be re-worked or a new path that could be taken.
  8. Your phone or camera is always running out of room because of the number of photos you take to remember every beautiful moment you see.
  9. You love gaining new insights, meaning there isn’t a day that passes where you don’t learn a little bit more about something.
  10. You’re already thinking about your next project or adventure as you read this last statement. 🙂

Did I miss anything important?


Free Spirit Babe


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