Drink More Tea.

Free Spirit Babe // Drink More Tea

Tea is a wonderful thing. Even if you didn’t care about the scientific benefits, it’s so calming. Something about hot tea in the morning when the sun is coming up, or peppermint tea to help you wind down before bed when you’re curled up with a book. Tea is one of those drinks that can just bring balance to our lives. What’s even better than the peace it brings, is that it’s actually so good for you! I’m going to give you just a short look into the most popular types of teas for beginners!

Green Tea.

Green tea is one of my favorites. I will drink it plain with a slice of lemon, or sometimes I will add organic honey. It’s also absolutely amazing iced and mixed with different fruits such as peach or blueberry. Green tea contains antioxidants which are known to be powerful tools in cancer prevention. It’s also common to see those going through a detox to consume green tea because of it’s influence on burning fat and keep arteries clear.

Black Tea.

Black tea is the “pick me up” tea as I refer to it. I’ve slowly been switching from coffee to black tea because it provides the boost of caffeine that I’m used to, but it has better effects on the cardiovascular system. It’s thought to promote better lung health, and can be found in a variety of flavors. I personally like to mix a little bit of milk and sugar with mine when I’m in the mood for a sweet treat.

White Tea.

White tea is deemed to be the most efficient in fighting off cancers, and it tastes absolutely amazing when mixed with different florals or fruits – or both! It’s usually a bit spender than black or green, but the benefits are definitely worth the price.

These are just the very basic facts about these teas, and I do hope to get more in depth  by giving each tea their own post in a Tea Series!

How do you enjoy your tea? What’s your favorite kind? Where do you get yours from? I’d love to try a new flavor!


Free Spirit Babe


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