Shoes and Jewels.

Free Spirit Babe // Shoes and Jewels

It’s snowing today. Not that that’s entirely relevant, but it’s interesting because two days ago it was 70 degrees and sunny. Mother Nature is interesting, isn’t she? Anyways, I’m really excited about the boho finds I have for you today! With being pregnant, it’s so much easier for me to review and recommend accessories since (thank God) unlike clothes, my shoes and jewelry all still fit throughout my nine month journey. I’m also really excited to feature one of my favorite small, handmade shops that I think you will absolutely adore! Are you excited yet? I am!


I’m going to start with my two FAVORITE pairs of shoes. Both can be found at different stores, but I personally bought them at DSW. I had a gift card and some points built up, and sometimes a good walk through the shoe store can be therapeutic.

Free Spirit Babe // Shoes and Jewels

These are the simple comfort that I picked up because they’re gorgeous, and they are easy. Easy is a feature I’ve absolutely learned to appreciate the past eight months, and because they are one of my favorite brands, Minnetonka, I knew they would also be comfortable. They are specifically called the Minnetonka “Canyon Classic Clog” and one thing I love about them is they are unique! Although they use the same fabric pattern on every shoe, my shoes look slightly different than what’s pictured, which is different from every shoe in the store. Plus they are SO easy to kick off. You can find these on DSW’s page, here.

Free  Spirit Babe // Shoes and Jewels

Apparently this brand is a little more well known, but it’s still new to me. It’s called Sanuk, and these sandals? The soles are made from YOGA MATS! No other sandal I’ve ever worn has even come close in comfort, not even my former favorites, the Reef Dream sandals. In addition to walking around on yoga mats, the fabric that makes up the straps is so soft and they have to be the first pair of sandals that haven’t given me blisters during the “break in” period. This color is the color I personally own, but there are a few other color options and I definitely plan on buying more colors. You can find these on DSW’s page, here.

Jewels – The Bohemian Market

The Bohemian Market // Free Spirit Babe Feature

I am SO excited to share this small shop. I bought a necklace from The Bohemian Market recently, and I was absolutely blown away! All of it is handmade, and the quality is absolutely excellent, especially considering it fits in any dreamer’s budget. I personally love supporting small businesses because I know I’m supporting someone’s dream in addition to adding pieces to my own collection that I absolutely adore.

The Bohemian Market // Free Spirit Babe Feature

Take a step back and also add in that a percentage of your purchase is donated to a military charity! So not only are you supporting Jessica’s dream, but she’s taking some of that money that she could keep for herself and giving it back to something that’s important to her! The reason I love this so much is because it goes to show she creates these pieces because it’s what she loves, not just to try and take the dollars out of your pocket. I encourage you to check out her shop here, and follow her on Instagram (@thebohemianmarket) for some awesome flash sales.

(Photos from and The Bohemian Market. Free Spirit Babe does not claim rights or ownership over any of these photos other than the title photo.)

I’m a strong believer in karma, so if you’re a dreamer – support your fellow dreamers! It can only result in happiness on both sides.


Free Spirit Babe


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