Weekend Reflections.

Free Spirit Babe // Weekend Reflection

Reflecting on this weekend, I wasn’t as productive as I had planned to be. But that’s okay. My body needed rest, so that’s what I gave it.  I still had an enjoyable weekend, though and I feel ready for a productive week.

I decided to focus on the highlights from this weekend, since reflecting on positives can help you bring your mind into a calm state and bring a sense of closure moving into the new week.

  1. My mom bought me a couple of new dresses. They are flowy enough to fit over my belly during my pregnancy, but will still get plenty of use after my daughter is born.
  2. My maternity photos were this weekend! They were taken by a good friend who is also a professional photographer, so it was easy to relax and be myself in front of her camera. I can’t wait to see them.
  3. My boyfriend took me on a burger and frozen yogurt date! Even when you follow a healthy diet, it’s okay to still splurge once in awhile. It was especially nice to be disconnected from technology for a few hours and just enjoy each other.
  4. The weather was wonderful, I spent some time just enjoying the smell of the incoming warm air on my patio, along with being able to fall asleep to the sound of soft rain last night. There’s something so tranquil about that sound.

What about you? What were the highlights of your weekend? It’s important to look back and reflect to recognize the small pieces of happiness that we tend to overlook otherwise.


Free Spirit Babe


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