Free Spirit Babe // Glitter Rave

Today I used my frustration and unhappiness to fuel my motivation, determination and excitement to keep moving forward with my goals toward happiness. I spent some time defining my next steps towards some of my goals to make sure I keep on track, and I began to remember different experiences and they reminded me why I’m working so hard towards my new lifestyle. So I thought I’d take the time to write this post as a little bit more personally and list out why I’m striving for happiness rather than a big number in my bank account, and in the meantime you get to see some pictures from the past few years that brought me happiness!

Free Spirit Babe // Florida Joy

  1. Money doesn’t buy sunshine.
  2. I’m just as happy on a free public beach, a lesser known beach or a tree branch overhanging the river as I would be on a private beach or pool.
  3. I’m actually allergic to chlorine anyway..
  4. I don’t have to pay to get my hair done if the wind is going to blow it around and mess it up anyways.
  5. Wildflowers are so much more meaningful than roses. Actually, they are the first kind of flowers Curan ever got me when we were hiking off a beaten path in Canada. He put one in my hair.
  6. I would always prefer a small house with a lot of places to go outdoors than a big mansion that I’d only ever spend time in a couple of rooms.
  7. If I like it, I can probably make something close enough to it for so much less.
  8. Free Spirit Babe // Iced TeaI don’t need to spend money on alcohol when I can buy tea bags and sugar and mix up some sweet tea (or in the photo above, spend a dollar on a giant jug of Arizona!)
  9. Why spend 8 hours a day looking forward to leaving a job you’re settling for to do what you love, when you can do what you love during those 8 hours?
  10. If you are truly passionate about something and aren’t doing it for the money, that’s how you’ll end up succeeding anyway. J.K. Rowling didn’t write her first Harry Potter novel expecting to make a fortune, she started it on a napkin.
  11. The feeling of soft sand between your toes is 100% free.
  12. You can listen to your boss, or you can listen to the sounds of the ocean while doing something productive that you love.

These are just a few things off the top of my head! I’d almost consider this more of a blurb straight from my brain than a planned out written post, but hopefully it inspires you to realize you can do what you love and still be successful!

What makes you happy that doesn’t cost a dime?


Free Spirit Babe


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