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This weekend I focused on me. Of course I focused on my health, but really I researched into my development. I put so much time into my dreams, plans and goals but it’s so important to invest time into yourself, too! You could have the best ideas, but developing improves your capability and efficiency in implementing your plans and improvement along the way. 

I focused this weekend on how to be supportive and motivating. I feel like I used to consider these strengths, but as I moved into roles that are more analytical, I didn’t use these two traits as much and in turn they have weakened. I learned a lot! The biggest thing I have to share for anyone looking into strengthening these traits in themselves, is really just be yourself. If you are really motivated to help someone, to share a mindset, or to better someone else, any sort of thought up script is going to have so much less of an effect than if you let your genuine interest speak for you.

Need some ideas for areas to focus on in your own development? Try these:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Reading Others
  • Encouragement
  • Stress Relief

These are some of my favorites. I’m also interested in psychological topics in general, and am currently reading a book called “Subliminal” by Leonard Mladinow (I found it here at Urban Outfitters) and I’m finding it to be fascinating. That may just be my strong interest in psychology, but to anyone interested in behavioral studies, I highly recommend it.

Do you have other suggestions for self improvement? How do you keep your lesser used traits sharp?


Free Spirit Babe


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