Dare to Daydream.

Free Spirit Babe // Friendship

I’ve really been thinking today about how crazy it is how many people don’t try harder to turn their daydreams into their lives. I understand that not everyone is a free spirit, not everyone is a dreamer or the creative type. Some people just don’t have any desire to do daring things and genuinely enjoy the stability and the work they do on a day-to-day basis. That’s completely fine! Everyone is different and has different drivers that make them happy. But most of those people aren’t interested in the things I write about and likely wouldn’t have made it past the first sentence of this particular post.

Interpreting your dreams and taking the steps to turn them into your life is definitely not an easy task, and if you’re serious about it, it’s going to take a LOT of work. But think about it like this – you can put your effort into the job that you constantly have to drag yourself to, spend all day at just dreaming about the things you could be doing if you weren’t there, and then practically rush out of, OR you can put that same effort into the things you love. I’m by no means at the end of this journey yet, but I like to think that I’ve gotten my realization that this is the right path for me, and I’m making more progress everyday. It also helps that it’s getting nicer out, and warm, fresh air is a huge inspiration to me! (Both of the photos included for this post are just happy, summer memories. Even looking at them makes me want to mix up something fruity and go for a night drive with some country music and the windows down!)

Free Spirit Babe // Summer and Watermelon Margaritas

What I’ve decided to do in this post is outline how you can interpret your daydreams, or in other words, analyze them to find a way to make them applicable to your life and help you find your calling. This is a hugely time consuming process! It will take more than a day, I continue to add to my journal everyday to continue elaborating on my interests, goals, dreams and plans. The longer you work at it, the clearer it will all become. Just never lose hope and never let yourself slack off in effort!

  1. What are you dreaming about? Recall from one of my previous posts that when you catch yourself daydreaming, this is your mind reminding you it it’s real desires, interests and insufficiencies. So, next time you are daydreaming, what is it about? Are you dreaming of the ocean, colored textiles, native jewelry and watercolors? Or are you dreaming of a better body, more energy, running through the woods? It really can be anything, everyone has different desires and callings in life. Write down the key points from your daydream, or draw them, or one of my favorites – find a Pinterest representation and pin it! (For anyone who has visited my Pinterest page, it’s rather apparent that I absolutely adore the site.)
  2. Why do these key points stand out to you? The first step is definitely the easiest one. This step is one that I often find myself coming back to and adding to later because it really requires some thought. For me – I love native culture, art and jewelry because I love their belief system. It makes sense to me, I find it beautiful and it gives me a sense of peace and helps me feel more connected to nature. I love the ocean because it’s a place where you can be completely carefree and you are with one of the Earth’s greatest wonders, one that there will always still be secrets that we may never know. It also has a completely different mood at different points of the day, and in that, it makes the universe more relatable. I still add to these each time they pop up in a daydream, because I recognize in each daydream that they play a different role.
  3. How can you take their meaning to you and make it applicable to your everyday life? Again, this one will require some additional thought and more than likely you won’t have a lot to put for this the first time you consider it! For native culture, I can express the beliefs in art and in homemade jewelry, or through other crafts that I can find materials for. For fitness, I can find a photo of a woman who is toned who I find beautiful on Pinterest (aka a fitspiration) and I can make a weekly workout and meal plan that will help me reach that goal. With helping people, I can offer to help my friends or anyone really who has goals in areas I’m more knowledgable in, I can offer motivation and inspiration and I can share my views, my philosophies and my thoughts openly for anyone seeking new perspectives. These are all my examples, yours should be relevant to your dreams!

That’s really it! It’s a continuous process. If you get into recording your thoughts on these three questions regularly, you’ll get better at building off of what you’ve already discovered and eventually ideas will start to click for you. You don’t have to be stuck in a world where you are settling if it’s not what you’re made for – and if you’re creative and motivated, then you definitely weren’t put here to settle!

I’m always willing to offer my opinions and advice along with any motivation you need if you are also on the same journey as me. I know eventually I’ll get there, and if you can relate to my writing, I know you can get there, too!


Free Spirit Babe


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