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Although I’m not a complete vegetarian, I don’t really eat a lot of meat. Personally, I don’t have much of a taste for it unless it becomes a temporary craving. Because of this, my doctor recently suggested to me that I fit in a protein drink daily since contrary to American norms, I’m actually not consuming as much protein as I probably should (did you know most Americans consume over double the amount of daily recommended protein?). This may also stem from the fact that my biggest source of protein comes from Greek yogurt, since most of my favorite foods are lacking in that specific area. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like sweet things but need to watch my sugar. I spent a lot of time researching powders and drink mixes online before making my purchase. I looked at reviews, nutrition labels, researched individual ingredients and considered my current budget. Although I love Shakeology, it doesn’t fit in my budget right now so I ended up ordering Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard in the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. It’s a combination of isolates and concentrate so although it isn’t the highest amount of protein per serving, it’s enough to fit my needs and will still provide benefits once I am able to transition back into my more intensive fitness routines again. I also purchased a blender bottle as I’ve heard that they making mixing the powder much easier than using just a spoon or normal shaker.

The Powder

Since its late and I decided to try it as my snack to fill me up before bed, I just mixed the powder with plain skim milk tonight, although I’m more than aware of all of the tasty potential shake options. Holy cow is this delicious! When I used to buy protein powder back in high school, I usually opted for the cheapest option I could find (and needless to say, it was usually less than ideal in flavor) so I was not expecting to love the taste. It’s vanilla but it isn’t overwhelming. It also doesn’t have a gross aftertaste like some mixes I’ve had in the past. I also made my boyfriend a glass using a spoon, so I can vouch that it mixes with milk very smoothly even without the bottle. I obviously can’t vouch for the protein benefits yet, as I’ll have to pay attention to my energy levels as well as letting my doctor be the judge of that after a bit of time has passed. It did fill me up pretty well, which is also a bit surprising since my pregnancy typically has me feeling like I’m starving at this time of night. So far, I’m impressed- and again I am only using it currently to up my protein levels and support light exercise so I’m not able to speak to how well it compliments a more intensive training lifestyle yet.

The Bottle

The bottle was definitely a good price. I’ve seen a lot of people use them, so it seemed like an obvious choice to get my own with getting back into protein drinks. It mixed the drink so fast! I didn’t have a single clump of powder in my drink. As I mentioned, I mixed my boyfriend’s with a spoon, and even though it does mix very smoothly, he still had a couple of small clumps. I also like the size, it’ll fit a smoothie or shake really well even with adding ice, yogurt and/or fruit. It’s also super easy to rinse and clean (even the ball rinses off no problem) so I can use it for water throughout the rest of the day. I also liked that it came with a little bit of information and a couple recipe ideas on the tag! I’m kind of a smoothie and drink nerd, so any opportunity to try a new drink tends to overexcite me.

I can’t wait to try other recipes, and I know this is the absolute most basic review but I was really excited to give my new purchase a try even though it’s a bit late! I’ll be sure to share successful recipes as well as recipe disasters the more I experiment.


Free Spirit Babe


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