When You Can’t, You Still Can.

Lately it’s been difficult for me to do a lot of the physical work that I like to do. I have temporary health conditions and am getting too far into my pregnancy for me to be able to safely lift or do extended periods of cardio at Lifetime, so I haven’t been there nearly as much as I wish I could be and it’s making me restless. These same conditions are restricting the length of time I can sit at my sewing machine as well, so I haven’t been able to do as much of my crafting.

Is this a reason for me to just take a break from my health, art and crafting that I so badly want to turn into my lifestyle?
Absolutely not.

If anything, this is a blessing. Although I’m not able to tone myself like I’d like to, or continue working on flower crowns, I’ve actually given myself a lot of new insight by focusing on activities that I haven’t given a lot of attention to.

After my appointment this morning went south, I took it upon myself to take advantage of the quiet time I had at home and do some meditation and yoga. I don’t get much quiet time, so when I do I love how clearly I can hear my thoughts. I did some smaller stretches, focusing on poses that are considerably difficult for me (but are still safe in my current condition), as they relieve the most tension. Since I have to be careful with my back, I focused on my legs and my hips today. I pushed myself through each pose a number of times, and felt especially accomplished that I was able to reach a little bit further in each by the time I was finished with them. Even small victories are a step forward.

For meditation, I absolutely love child’s pose to begin with. Besides the stretch that it gives, I love that I can feel the balance between my left and right sides, spine perfectly centered. I’ve had to modify it a bit to accommodate for the size of my growing belly, but it still doesn’t take away from the feeling of equilibrium. This is definitely something I needed today. I could feel my mind becoming centered around itself, everything balancing.

I then proceeded to make a cup of tea and pulled out my journal again. My mind was at balance and I could really focus. Yes, right now I have restrictions. This is not something that I can change, and I felt content with that finally because there are still other things that I could focus on. I looked at the goals I wrote down yesterday and made some fascinating realizations.

In regards to my Etsy Shop: I can’t sit for a lengthy period of time, so I can’t sew a lot right now. This is the current “can’t” for this goal. However, I can look at inspirations for new crafts and come up with a plan for new inventory. I love Pinterest, and spending time looking for inspiration and ideas is definitely a productive decision as long as I follow up by searching for supplies and writing down creation plans. I actually may be changing the focus of my shop – even though I love the clothing I create for little ones, I am finding myself especially drawn to other areas as well. So rather than the major focus being on baby, it may become more focused on gypsy and art. I find that my mind comes up with more ideas in these areas and they allow more freedom as I don’t have to rely on the fabrics that I find to help me express my visions.

In regards to my Health: Although I can’t continue to workout at the same rate that I was earlier in my pregnancy, this is absolutely not a forever restriction and I believe it will drive me even harder once I am able to return after my daughter is born. In the meantime, I can spend more time focusing on yoga which I can customize to suit my restrictions and gives me more time to focus on my mind-body balance. This will be especially useful to make sure I don’t become too stiff or lose any of my flexibility while I am out of some of my more intensive training, and will also get me back on track for my dream of completing my yoga teacher training. I also need to focus on healthy food choices more than ever, learning about labels has been the top of my list the last few days.

In regards to Free Spirit Babe: There is no excuse why I can’t work harder on turning my blog into what I want it to be. This really umbrellas over the previous two points because I made one major realization today in my meditation: I don’t just want to better myself, I want to help you better yourself, too. This really led me to some brainstorming of different kinds of posts that I can write, and potential future projects that I can create. I love helping other people, it’s in my nature. I’m not the kind of coach who is going to push you and pressure you into something you don’t want. That’s not helping, because if you don’t want it, then nothing I say or do can change that. What I can do is help those who have even a small idea of what they want to improve by helping to break it down, make a plan, a provide suggestions and guidance to what can seem very improbable to achieve.

So really, if you don’t take away anything else, take away that if you are faced with a very real reason why you can’t do something, then do something else that will help you to move forward. I’m not letting my restrictions get in the way of my progress, nor am I going to accept it as an excuse to take time off from my goals. Everyday is another step forward, why would I waste it over one task that I can’t do when there’s a million others that I can?


Free Spirit Babe


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