Late Night Snacks.

Free Spirit Babe // Greek Yogurt Snacks

So a lot of people don’t eat late or right before bed, that’s totally okay! You can have these whenever, but lately I ALWAYS get pregnancy hunger attacks right before bed. I’ve been trying to move into healthier snacks since all my pregnancy I’ve been craving sweets and other than newer health developments, I’m also at the point where I need to start coming up with my baby weight loss plan! Well that and my how-to-keep-energy-with-a-newborn plan!

So anyways, here’s my snacks from last night that fulfilled my sweet cravings but are actually much lower in sugar and higher in other health benefits than reaching for a piece of chocolate or (for this time of year) a handful of jelly beans!

Greek Yogurt with Mix Ins

Greek yogurt has a ton of fiber and protein! It also has a ton of probiotics which are awesome for your digestive system. The great thing about Greek yogurt is that it tastes good with just about anything too! Mix it with berries, bananas, chocolate chips, sprinkles, honey, etc. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of plain yogurt so I usually opt for vanilla.

I was buying Chobani for a long time until I found that the sugar content is actually pretty high when compared to some of its competitors! I recently switched to Dannon Light and Fit which is actually way less sugar per serving but still tastes great.

I also bought some small bowls from Target for only $1.99 each to help with portion control! They have all sorts of fun ones for slightly more but I went for basic black to match the rest of my dishes here. They kind of make me feel fancy since they are my exclusive yogurt bowls, but maybe that’s just me! Search for “Dip Bowls” on to find some for yourself!

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

Lactose and cholesterol free, this is a good substitute for regular dairy milk, especially if you are sensitive to lactose! Cholesterol is another growing problem and its so important to address is early to prevent problems later on! It’s almost entirely dependent on your eating habits, so eating healthy is huge! It’s also a great option if you’re vegan or working towards vegan and is often loaded with extra proteins and calcium, and for the pregnant ladies like myself, it also contains Omega-3 which is a crucial nutrient for baby’s development.


This drink always fills my sweet tooth and chocolate craving and it’s so smooth! The dark chocolate alternative clearly has more sugar than just standard, but is so much healthier than a bar of chocolate and includes so many nutrients that your body needs.

So that’s what I enjoyed last night! I’m still on a healthy eating journey so I love new ideas that might help me stay healthy but also satisfy my sweet tooth!


Free Spirit Babe


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