Future Planning.

Free Spirit Babe // Goal Writing

This will be another short post, and the last one for the evening. As I was crafting and researching tonight, I really got to thinking about my post on goals. More than the goals themselves, I’m actually really proud of how much I’ve grown. 

One year ago, I never would’ve began to believe myself that I could utilize my business education in combination with my passion for creativity, fitness and coaching (in more than one area – I love coaching sports but I also love lifestyle and motivational coaching) and begin planning a REAL future with it. It’s going to take a lot of work and a lifetime of personal development, but it’s a lifestyle that will and has already been so much more fulfilling than climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder. I never would’ve thought I would incorporate fitness, yoga, and healthy eating into my life and constantly keep it front of mind. I never thought I’d be able to start loving my life and be able to try and be the best role model of happiness for my daughter. But here I am.

What about you? Where are you now, and despite how crazy it might seem, where do you wish you could go? Now take the answer and replace the beginning of the question with “where WILL” rather than “where do you wish”. Just start with writing it down. That’s all you need to do to get started.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that everyone around me is not competition, but rather the people who find the most success and support are the people who encourage and uplift each other! That’s so important to remember.

Just a few words for thought.


Free Spirit Babe


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