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This post is short and sweet- and a little more about me personally! I came across some older photos today as I was looking for a specific one to send to my friend for her birthday. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant now (and also more than THIRTY pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight) but I couldn’t help but admire the shape I kept myself in even just a few years ago. Of course I still exercise now and try to eat well, but it seems like over time I have definitely let it become less of a priority. 

Seeing some of these photos really sparked something in me- determination! I want that body back after my daughter is born, and not only do I want it, but I will get it! I took some time to think about it, and I realized I actually have a couple of completely achievable goals that I want to accomplish in the short term, some sooner than others. So here it goes!

Short Term Goals

  • Continuously improve my health and fitness to achieve my pre-pregnancy body- but in a healthy way! I am personally extremely uncomfortable with anything that promises or promotes “quick” weight loss.. You get what you work for, and anything that doesn’t require you to keep up with your exercise or clean up the foods you consume just aren’t natural.
  • Complete Yoga Teacher Training- this is a huge goal of mine. Yoga has taught me so much about self balance and I would love to share the practice with others who are interested on any level.
  • Stock and promote my Etsy shop. I briefly stocked it to begin with, but with how much I love crafting, I think it would be worth putting more time into the promotion of it. My goal isn’t to make full time income off of it but I would love to share my creations with people who love them!
  • Successfully transition into a place of self management and/or employment. I want the flexibility and I have a strong business knowledge and skill set. Although I have great ideas, my personality just doesn’t align with the corporate environment. I love everything it has taught me, but I’m ready to take that knowledge into a career and lifestyle that better aligns with me. This will definitely be the longest term of my short term goals, but it will be a fun journey researching, planning, implementing, failing and succeeding. I’m ready.

So even though these are rather personal items, I hope that they might inspire you to think about the things that you want. If you think about how much you’d love something but tell yourself it’s “unattainable” for reasons X, Y and Z, then you just need to change your mindset! You will get what you work for, otherwise you can watch someone else succeed doing your dreams. The only factor is how hard you drive yourself!


Free Spirit Babe


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