Fitness Re-Motivation.

Free Spirit Babe // Fitness Re-Motivation

We all have our reasons why we live a fit and healthy lifestyle (or if you don’t – then why you should!). We have a driver that pushes us to return to our practice of yoga, lifting, running, or whatever your preferred workout may be, but that really isn’t the difficult part. The difficult part is when you start to reach the “line”. You know what I’m talking about – when you cross the line of comfort and you start burning, breathing heavy and break into an uncomfortable sweat; AKA the part where you want to stop.

That’s the part where we need more than the overall goal – whether it be weight loss, toning up, or bulking up. That goal slowly drops in value and we need to remember the smaller, more specific benefits that can help give us some short-term, instant gratification drive: we need re-motivation. Continue reading


Wanderlust Necessities.

Free Spirit Babe // Wanderlust Necessities

Every dreamer gets wanderlust – the strong desire to travel with no destination in mind. Whether planning to stay near or go far, there are a few essentials that will make the experience perfect once you find your perfect place for the time being. Continue reading

10 Reasons You Know You’re a Dreamer.

Free Spirit Babe // 10 Reasons You Know You're a Dreamer

Dreamers! Some might call us distracted, inattentive, or tell us our heads are in the clouds. That’s because we have a different mindset from non-dreamers which is perfectly okay! As long as we keep on doing what makes us happy, then why let someone else’s opinion bother us? Here’s 10 reasons you just know make you a dreamer: Continue reading

Needing a Boss vs. Being the Boss.

Free Spirit Babe // Needing vs. Being the Boss

We are all different. We all have different dreams, different values, different priorities. Everything we look at, we see differently from those around us. Psychologically speaking, everything we see and understand is partially objective raw data, but also partially formed through our brain’s interpretation based on our own biases that we can’t even control. Crazy isn’t it? Well – we all have different working styles as well.

I talk all the time about how I’m following my dreams to entrepreneurship in a creative and healthy manner, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurship is for everyone! Sure, there are a lot of people in the corporate world who really don’t fit there but don’t know how to get out, but otherwise there are many who do fit there because of their values on routines, following direction and low risk environments. Neither is wrong, but this post might help you decide which side you fall on (although it’s likely you already have a good idea of which position better suits you!). Continue reading

Free People Picks.

Free Spirit Babe // Free People Picks

I am honestly crazy about Free People. I love image that their designs portray, I love the quality, I love the variety and I love everything that they stand for. If I could buy one of everything, I absolutely would! But in the meantime, here’s a few of my favorite pieces from their current collection. Continue reading