The Other Piece of Happiness.

I love crafting and art, which is something I talk about a lot in my posts. I do have another really important aspect in my life, though: health and fitness. I believe in order to be happy, you need a good mind-body balance which is something I’ve brought up before. We can nourish and tend to our minds as much as we please, but we also need to take care of ourselves physically to maintain energy, reduce stress and tension, and to live a healthy life.

By no means am I a body builder, although I have a high level of respect for those who are. I find it fascinating, especially with female body builders, how you can see every detail in the toning of their muscles. It’s beautiful to me the work that they put into reaching the potential of their bodies. Returning back on topic, my goal is to be mindful about the types of foods and beverages I take in, and to maintain and keep a toned body. Both your nutrition and your fitness play a big role in your mind as well – eating unhealthy will cause low energy levels as well as feeding into the parts of your brain that allow for negativity. Not maintaining at least a minimal level of fitness and exercise will allow stress to accumulate, also cause low levels of energy and reduce self-motivation. Even something as simple as a daily walk will help this area.

Some people put a higher or lower value on their health, and this is completely okay as long as you pay it at least a little bit of attention. For myself, it has always been important. I was a dancer and a figure skater when I was younger, and dabbled in a year of cheerleading in high school. After high school, I coached figure skating for a couple of years. I chose the photo for this post that I did because it is a particularly good memory of mine one late night when myself, my boyfriend and his younger sister all decided to swim in the lake we were staying at in Ontario. It was really dark but it felt so much more free being able to run and jump in with the warmth of August without even second guessing my body or losing my breath (other than from all of the laughter of watching the weinerdogs try to swim!).

When you are proud of your health and fitness, it’s a huge relief of stress from both the body and the mind. This isn’t to say I think my body is perfect. It’s a continuing journey as it is for everyone, but I’m comfortable with where I am knowing that I give it the nourishment and attention it needs. I myself prefer yoga, light cardio based activities (walking my dogs, an inclined walk on the treadmill or the stair master) and light lifting. Again – this works for me because I’m not looking to build as much as I am to maintain. It’s all about what your physical goals are – maybe you just want to take a light walk every day. This is so good for your heart and your happiness, and you can feed your mind at the same time by really taking in your surroundings or finding a good music station that you really can connect with, or even listening to a good audio book. Maybe you want to build – in that case, it’s an achievement every time you workout once you feel the endorphins kick in and the initial burn disappears, almost like your body giving you a boost to push forward.

Choose your goals for your health and fitness. Don’t over-push yourself, but don’t forget the importance and the connection that your physical self has to both your physical wellbeing as well as your mental wellbeing.

“You’ve always been beautiful. Now you’re just deciding to be healthier, fitter, faster and stronger.” -Unknown.


Free Spirit Babe


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