Why Clouds Are Okay.

So now that we are officially into spring, it comes as no surprise to those of us who live in the colder climates that it is heavily snowing today. Many are complaining. I’m not. The temperature is still plenty warm for this time of year, and it’s a thick, wet snow which is my favorite kind. One of my huskies loves to eat the snow, but the other has a fascination with balls – snowballs included. Although being pregnant I don’t have quite as much energy to keep up with her, I still love watching my boyfriend toss up snowballs for her to catch, soon followed by the confusion of where the ball went when it crashes and falls apart. I love their enjoyment of simple nature.

Snow talk aside, it’s been cloudy lately. In a way, I’m really enjoying it. It’s sparked a lot of creativity and inspiration within me. I cleaned and re-arranged the entire lower level of our house yesterday. I finally got around to hanging some of the Easter decorations, and I love the feeling of togetherness that the new layout has just because I centered our dining room table. I’ve also been spending a lot of time researching how to begin my entry into a life of creativity, rather than remaining at my corporate job and putting my passion and family second. I really believe that it is the clouds that are inspiring all of this change. Literally, because the clouds have kept me inside this weekend and allowed me to open my eyes to the potential that I’ve been blind to with my interior decoration (I could write a whole series on my love for interior decorating and why I believe a good interior design inspires calm and happiness in our lives) as well as giving me more reason to be online researching how to compile my ideas. I can also look at the clouds metaphorically, since even after many cloudy days there is bound to be another one with the appearance of the sun. Looking at my situation currently, putting the majority of my time and effort into someone else’s company and taking time away from my family and my hobbies is like a cloudy day, and the sunny days to follow are the days that I will finally break away.

This really brings me back to happiness – not everyone would find my situation to be an unhappy one. There are many people who enjoy the structure and the routine of a Monday-Friday 9-5 job. Their level of balance between work and family and hobbies is more set. By no means am I trying to look down on this lifestyle, it just quite simply is not suited for me and my personality. I like philosophy, I’ve taken into account the ideas and concepts from many early philosophers which help guide how I see the world. I like nature and beauty, when I go somewhere new I take it in with all five sense. That’s why I often refer to Florida by the air and the water, because although visually I absolutely love the palm trees, the ocean and the architectural style of many of the homes, I remember Florida by the softness of the water and the smell of the salty air. When I photograph places and people, I don’t just capture what’s happening, I try and capture a feeling.

That’s why I chose the photograph that I did for this particular post, it was a very foggy day in Grand Marais, MN. I was walking around with a boot on my foot, slowly maneuvering the jagged path, rocks and fallen logs, and as I was photographing different scenes, I noticed my boyfriend. He was meditating, eyes completely fixated on the powerful waves of Lake Superior. They were strong that day, very active but still very fluid. They were content, not angry, just restless. The fog was thick, but not threatening, more as a removal of distraction. It really was the perfect environment for meditation- there was no choice but to bring your awareness to your inner self and the environment around you. I love how the universe can do that, it’s almost a reminder to just take a few moments just to listen. That’s another reason I like clouds.

I recognize not everywhere was cloudy today, and it definitely was not snowing everywhere today. I still hope that you were able to spend the day accordingly to what the weather and nature were whispering that you should do. Just a few minutes a day to recognize that the weather may be urging you to remember to think about something is all you need to reflect on yourself and what your inner self is asking from you. I love that.


Free Spirit Babe


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