Happy Spring.

It’s officially spring. Something about today seemed to remove a huge amount of stress. Maybe it’s that with winter ending I don’t feel so trapped as we welcome warmer, fresh air into our days. Or maybe it’s just the renewing, fresh start feeling that seems to come every spring. Regardless, it’s refreshing.

I feel inspired. I’m ready to pick back up on my photography as well as put a stronger focus on my writing and crafting. I also don’t feel so stressed about my job, I think my mindset has shifted from concerning myself with the consequences of change to understanding the benefits of change as well as recognition of my own potential and capability. I see graduation as both a finish line and also an open door. I’ll be finishing a chapter of disciplined routine- I absolutely couldn’t have made it through full time work, full time school, a committed relationship and my pregnancy all at the same time without a strong sense of discipline; but I’m so ready to allow myself to live a life of full expression, creativity and happiness once school ends and I go on maternity leave with my daughter. Although I am fitting more of my passions back into my life now, graduation will allow me the time and freedom to turn my creativity and passion into my life, which is something I want to share with my daughter.

My accomplishment this week was ordering supplies for a new craft – headbands and flower bands. I’m really excited because I love flower crowns and I think they are both beautiful and innocent while also being a staple for a wild child, and in headband form I can see myself being able to wear them more easily.

How does spring make you feel? Take a few minutes to connect with yourself and find what you can start fresh with.


Free Spirit Babe


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