The Importance of Self Values.

Today as I was working, I noticed myself drifting off into a mindset of creativity. I saw fabrics of colors and patterns that I only seem to find on Pinterest or in photos of small, handmade shops on the coasts. I imagined dream catchers and colorful paper lanterns hung among the strung up lights on a pergola near the ocean, with the warm, salty breeze blowing the leaves of a palm. I imagined simple jewelry made with bronze and beads and feathers and fabrics scraps being used to decorate hair. That’s my happy place, and I find myself there often when I begin to lose sight  of myself.

I don’t let myself go there because it’s an impossible place that I’ll only find as I dream; I let myself go there because it’s my goal to make it possible to get there. I currently work in an office job, and although my space is decorated with photos and colors and even a small cactus to brighten my days, I know it’s not something I can do forever. Yes – it’s secure, and it pays well. But if money was truly what I wanted, I would be in my dreams wrapped in cloaks of dollar bills and Coco Chanel perfume, not barefoot in the sand with a floral skirt and a ruffled, white shirt. I recognize this about myself as a self value. It’s important to let our minds tell us what they want and what they value, because when we slip into our dreams, that is our heart’s way of reminding us why we are here.

Self values that our minds remind us of are the simplest hints towards learning our self purpose. It’s never going to be the same for everyone, which is important to remember. My dreams remind me that I love the place where the earth meets the water; others may find that they prefer one more than the other rather than the meeting point that I so often desire. My dreams also show me that I value colors and lights and creativity – I need to create. What I create will be beautiful to me because I will work it into what I envision, but it may not appeal to everyone. Pay attention as you dream, beginning with seeing the big picture that your mind seeks, and eventually noticing the smaller details.

Once you begin to recognize your self values and your dreams, it’s important to never let yourself believe it is impossible to achieve them- that would be denying yourself your own purpose. In society today, it is easy to feel like we need to climb a corporate ladder and give our energy to someone else in order to provide a good life for ourselves and those we love. This to me isn’t always true. It is true for those who dream of a corporate life, some people find energy in that world. That isn’t everyone though – and it is important to never position yourself to believe you are stuck living a life that relies a corporate career in order to be successful. In my opinion, you will not be successful until you are living a life that truly makes you happy. How can you try to make your hours away from your desk meaningful if in the back of your mind you are wishing you didn’t have to go back? We need to remind ourselves that success isn’t defined by a dollar sign, but rather it should be defined differently for each of us individually. Success for me will be defined by creation and beauty, which will make me genuinely happy. When I am happy, then I can mentally allow myself to be more present when I am with the ones that I love because I won’t be distracted by what my mind is desperately striving for. It’s a difficult concept to grasp, but the more you identify with your self values that your mind tries to show you, the clearer your personal path to a successful life will be.

Think about it. Where does your mind take you when you dream? What do you long for? If money wasn’t a concern, what would you spend your time doing? Use these to begin to clear the weeds from your on path of success in life.


Free Spirit Babe


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