What makes a person happy? Money? Maybe. But that’s only temporary, and it isn’t the money itself that makes the person happy. It’s not the physical coin, or piece of paper, but rather what it stands for. So really, no money doesn’t make a person happy.

What about popularity or fame? That reassurance that you have a significant number of fans and friends. But is it really the number that makes you happy? Or is it what those people stand for, whether that be success around your passion or a never ending supply of conversation around your interests and endless opportunities to learn. So popularity itself isn’t it either.

The answer to this question is something that I think about everyday. The truth is, it’s going to be different for every person. What makes one person happy won’t necessarily give me the same feeling of happiness. So how will I know what makes me happy if someone can’t discover it? Through self reflection, through inner peace and self awareness. This is a life long process, but the more you practice, the more satisfaction you will feel not only for yourself but for the life that you lead.

So who am I? I’m a day dreamer. More often than not, I’m in my head with my toes buried in the velvety sand on the coast of Florida with the warm wind blowing my hair under the shade of a palm tree, in the meantime I physically reside in the upper Midwest. I’m a peace seeker. I don’t handle conflict well. My first instinct is to create peace, calm and agreement at the first sparks of disagreement or unhappiness. I’m an artist. I want to capture the beauty in the world around us, the one that’s been buried by the rushed nature of modern society. My preferred mediums are digital photography, sharpie and paint pen, knit fabrics, and occasionally charcoal. I’m a narrator. I tell my story as it plays in my head, and although I’m not very good at manipulating words into a perfectly edited masterpiece, I’ve always appreciated a raw story, it better captures what’s going through the author’s mind.

I’m so much more, but what is significant to me may not be significant to you, and through my stories, my articles and everything else I find worthy of sharing, the image of who I am to you will become more and more clear; just as I hope the image of who you are also becomes more easily recognizable.

I look forward to the journey that I’m about to embark on sharing my words out loud; all I ask is for you to read it openly.


Free Spirit Babe


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