In the last couple of days, I’ve made a couple discoveries that I am just too excited not to share. One of them relates to fashion, and one of them relates to fitness and spirituality. Trust me when I say this is gold to a modern gypsy. Continue reading


Stepping It Up.

I’ve recently been given some interesting information regarding my health and my pregnancy. Not only am I significantly below the mark that confirms anemia, but I also will be taking my second glucose test next week to confirm whether or not I have gestational diabetes. With diabetes in my family history, this isn’t sitting lightly with me; and being the person I am the first thing I did was research what I need to do to keep myself and my little girl healthy, as well as what I need to do to maintain my health after she is born. The answer is strikingly simple. Continue reading

The Other Piece of Happiness.

I love crafting and art, which is something I talk about a lot in my posts. I do have another really important aspect in my life, though: health and fitness. I believe in order to be happy, you need a good mind-body balance which is something I’ve brought up before. We can nourish and tend to our minds as much as we please, but we also need to take care of ourselves physically to maintain energy, reduce stress and tension, and to live a healthy life. Continue reading

Helping Your Dreams Fall Into Place.

This morning I was expecting the worst for my current working situation. But is it really the worst? After a lot of thought and drawing last night, I realized no. What I am expecting is actually the best. What I realized, is the unhappier I get at my current job, the happier I actually am feeling that I’m nearing my dream of a more creative career. If I get pushed out of my current job, then there’s absolutely nothing stopping me from that dream. Continue reading

10 Seconds of Happiness.

Today I felt discouraged. I wasn’t feeling well. I have a meeting tomorrow at work that isn’t going to turn out in my favor. I haven’t been able to commit to my crafting to the extent that I wish I could. These are all very minor things, but any source of unhappiness should be addressed if you become conscious of it to avoid overwhelming your mind. Stress builds very quickly, feeds off of itself, and can have harmful effects on both the mental and physical well being. Continue reading